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The Antronix VoIP Residential Amplifier provides a passive VoIP port for reliable voice service, even when power is disrupted to the amplifier. VRA series provides subscriber premise amplification in a convenient package where the output ports  are facing down to simplify coaxial cable wiring in NID enclosures or small spaces. Our patented CamPort® provides the only auto-seizing F-port for maximum contact area and reliability for multimedia applications. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, the VRA was engineered to withstand the harshest environmental threats with the capability of enduring repeated high power surges.


• Port Configuration Ideal for NID Enclosures. The micro-housing allows all outputs ports of the amplifier to be facing down to simplify coaxial cable writing in NID enclosures or small spaces. • CamPort® Auto-Seizing F-port Patented auto-seizing F-port features a “Cam Activated Mechanism” to provide full contact pressure (>2,000 grams) on the center conductor for maximum reliability.

• Passive Port Maintains High RF Performance    The passive VoIP bypass port provides a passive loss, even when power is disrupted to maintain critical voice service. The VoIP bypass path maintains high RF performance, even when power is disrupted to the amplifier.

• 6 kV Surge Protection Unique surge protection on all ports without the use of arc gaps which may cause high impulse noise during discharge.

• Gallium Arsenide Technology for Low Distortion. Provides improved distortion and noise performance.

• 15 psi Sealed SCTE Compliant CamPort® Sealed brass CamPort® prevents water migration.

• 5-42/52-1002 MHz Diplex Filter True 5-42 MHz return band and full 1002 MHz downstream spectrum for more  useable bandwidth.

• Nickel Plated Housing. Provides the excellent corrosion resistant protection against salt fog and rust.

• Powered Locally or Remotely Power the amplifier locally with supplied adaptor or remotely with an optional power inserter.

• PTC Short-Circuit Protected UL Listed Adaptor Self-resetting circuit protection provides safe protection against short-circuits to minimize maintenance costs.

• Dual Compartment Power Inserter Provides high AC to RF isolation to minimize ingress.

• Exceeds all SCTE Standards